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Ab band industrial group with commercial brand name “Ab band and Iran Novin” started his activity formally since 1991, in order to servicing in construction and installation section by exploitation experienced personnel in this field. The purpose of this company is designing and producing Different kinds of boilers, Under pressure vessel, Condense tank, Towel, die-casting and Panel and cluster radiators, Burners and Extrude pieces that undoubtedly, make us to name this group as one of the three great companies of Iran in the field of production and constitution of Fire Tube Steam Boilers till 75000 pounds capacity in an hour, for the first time, in North province of country that succeeded in production of this kind of steam boilers.All products of this company with European certificate (CE) and standard sign and plaque, offer to market and some of these products are exported continuously to neighbor countries such as:
Azerbaijan, Kazakh, Turkmenistan, Armenia Kurdistan, Iraq, Russia. This groupwas called as superior producer of metal industries in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and succeeded to receive the best factory’s statue from industries and mines ministry on January 2012. All products of this company according to the last global standards such as DIN , B.S, 4231 & 7911 Iranan Standard.
This company has a experienced quality control
department and a chemical analysis laboratory. All kinds of radiographic, mechanical- Chemical tests and magnetic particles and penetrating liquids are done on all products. Also, this company has a resident inspector from Nazerkaran Company that takes ultrasonic and PT tests continuously. The opinions and motto of customer- oriented in promoting quality is the mystery of our permanence and also try to improve the quality of uninterrupted and endless efforts of all managers and personnel.
Standards that generally used to recognizing all the products are:
•(ASME) America Mechanic engineering association.
•(ASTM) America Standard test method.
•(ANSI) America National standard institute.
•(ANSTM) America materials test council.
•(TEMA) Manufactures union of cylinder exchanger.
•(CE) Europe
•Vertical and horizontal Fire Tube Steam Boilers.
•Water tube Steam Boilers.
•Hot and Warm water Fire Tube Boilers.
•Water Sand and active carbon filter.
•Condensate tanks
•Heat exchanger
•Pressure vessels
•Water supply tanks
•Profile, Die-casting, Towel ,Cluster and Panel radiators.
•Extruded parts.
•Gas, Mazut and Gasoline burners.