Sales and business

Ab band Industrial Group Sale department, since the beginning of its activity, tried to represent its role in best way,in proper planning , organized selecting, experienced staff and proper control. During these years, the group properly has organized its group to do their best and so the best result had been concluded. Finally, we try to follow the principles and following rules: •Correct and kindly understanding of customer needs. •Presenting a precise and comprehensive solution for improving subjects. •Atoning complete satisfaction of customer and permanent improvement of services.

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Two-burner boiler, single-furnace steam, steam boiler
Hot oil boiler, hot water, hot water
Boiler Firebox, hot water two passes

Reservoirs and
pressure sources

DeAritor, hardener, heat exchanger
Messi's coil source
Steel coil source


Aluminum radiators
Color model, thermo, solar, unique, diamond, towel
Panel Radiator (Steel)


Gas burners, diesel, dual burners