Hot Water Boiler

Hot Water Boiler : The production of this machine is based on BS2790- Standard, which is monitored and inspected by the Standard Institute NAZERKARAN and the Quality Inspection Company, which is subjected to several quality control, testing and quality checks, and finally, the utilized items quality insurance is issued and is offered to the customers. The actual capacity of this group boilers is from 82000 to 12000/000 in 2 pass and 3 passes forms.
Used steel in under pressure items are from DIN 17155 17MN4 – A516970 type.
The thermal tubes are of the DIN17175 ST3508 type and non-pressure parts includes foot, exhaust and … are of ST37 type. Welding lines are according standard, ultrasonic tests, and finally are tested under hydrostatic 1.5 bar and under the design pressure test.
These boilers are designed and manufactured with a working pressure of 6 and 10 bar, and are capable to provide the maximum temperature of steam and hot water.
The welding of pressurized parts are don by SAW method automatically, which provides the highest welding and integrity quality. Inner connections are spot welding and waltz intruder and used electrodes are of 6010 and 7018 type. The boiler body insulation is made of ceramic insulation with a high density and high temperature tolerance.
All welders have been certified according to the standard of welding competence and have qualified welding certificates from the most reliable inspection centers and tests under the full supervision of the factory quality control unit. All used flanges are of desirable class 15 and 300 type.Hot Water Boiler



Hot Water Boiler


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