Thermal Convertor

Thermal Convertor process between two fluids with different temperatures, which are separated by a Solid Wall, is occurred in thermal Convertor. Thermal Convertors are important equipments, which are applied in oil industry, gas, petrochemical, heat building, HVAC design, power generation, heat recovery, and chemical process.
Thechnical :
Ab band thermal Convertors are mainly of shell and tube types and are designed based on valid international standards such as ASME and TEMA. In thermal convertors mechanical advanced designing software like FINGLOW, PV Elite and MICRO PROTOL are applied . Mechanical and heat analysis are done by B – JACK and HTFS Software’s. Main goals in designing these convertors are: considering shell and tubes heat expansion, cleaning simplicity and, using the lowest Cost approach in production. Using advanced quality Control equipment, destructive and non-destructive testing like: radiography, ultrasonic, penetrate liquid and, hydrostatic test at the pressure of 1.5 times more than designed pressure caused Ab band Company’s thermal convertors have the highest quality and degree of safety. Installation and setting up significant numbers of these products in Iran and other Countries are the evidence of this claim. Thermal convertors of Ab band are mainly worked with fluids like hot Water (high and low temperature), steam, liquid Coolers, light and heavy heaters with different concentrations. Materials which are used in the construction of shells and tubes are selected according to the working fluid type and heating fluid or cooling fluid. Some of these materials are:
Copper, Steal, Stainless steel & …



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