Panel Radiator



For years, cast iron and aluminum had been used as basic materials in the manufacture of household radiators. Steel panel radiator came into the market of heating area with enjoying resistance welding technology and using steel plates and quickly promoted its position as the 3rd generation radiator by overcoming misconceptions and flaunting its numerous advantages as compared to older types.
Production line specification:
• Iran’s largest and most advanced production line made by Italy
•Full automatic production line
•Full automatic welding line, including spot welding, seam welding, inbound and outbound connection welding
• Automatic test with a 15-bar pressure along with anti-corrosion and anti-rust materials
Paint Line Technology:
• Washing and surface coating with Nano material for more life expectancy, paint durability and stopping corrosion and rust
• Initial coating of water-based paint and the initial baking stage
• Final coating of electrostatic paint robotically and final baking
Advantages Of Iran Novin Panel Radiators:
• Full automatic production line and smooth welding
• 25 to 35% higher thermal efficiency per unit of length in comparison with other types of radiators
• High thermal efficiency
• High thermal radiation
• Long useful life time
• Without sediment and clogging
• Without poisonous gases released from metal sulfating and no need for air bleeding
• Compatible with all kinds of central heating system and packages
• Ease of cleaning
• Install ability from both sides
• Elegant and durable
Tests and experiments:
All kinds of necessary tests in different parts and stages of production are done usually on each radiator by specific calibrated tools and devices with high accuracy. Issues such as : quality of steel plates, pieces used in the process of stamping, quality of welds and joints, resistance rate under pressure (tests for leakage and damage tolerance are performed under 15-bar pressure), tonality, quality, thickness, coating, vulnerability of paint and packing quality are consistently monitored. In addition to the tests performed during production stages, the final products of Iran Novin brand are assessed and tested comprehensively by advanced measurement tools.


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