Hot Oil Boiler

Technical Features :
• Noticeable efficiency of 85%
• Capability to operate up to 350 °C
• Capability to tolerate thermal shock due to temperature difference between input and output oil until 50 °C
• Reduction of pumping cost because of low pressure loss en route to the oil
• The use of high accurate Control equipment produced by European Companies
• High secure system
• Easy maintenance and operation
• High safety factor in design and internal instrument beside, beauty by considering high consistency
• Possibility to install recuperator on output fumes from flue pipe to preheat the input air to increase efficiency as an option
• Considering all the requirements of NFPA standards due to high operation temperature
• Usage of Rockwool with 3128kg/m density and 100 mm thickness in doors and body insulation.
• Usage of fine proof cementite in coil thermo pass insulator
• Usage of U profil ring in door construction to prevent deformation.



Hot Oil Boiler

Water and steam are usually used as working fluid and heat carrier in industrial heating systems. However, at the high pressures and temperature, these materials have some limitations in terms of installation and security systems. Therefore, at high temperature applications like heating natural gas, Crude oil and, indirect heating steam, hot oil is utilized. Hot oil can operate at 300 °C atmospheric pressure vessel. Moreover lower operation pressure, usage of hot oil at high pressure and temperature has some advantages as following :
• Saving energy Consumption
• Capability to install in simple spaces
• The least amount of time to reach desired temperature in comparison with other boilers
• Simple operation
• Less noise pollution in comparison with other boilers
• Infinite thermo capacity
• No heat dissipation through Condensation
• Less size
• Needless of Primary water feed treatment process
• No danger of corrosion or damage of freezing
• Accurate and secure design of hot oil vessel for optimum utilization at high temperature is very important.
Ab band hot oil heating systems are designed based on international standards API an DIN 4754. These systems are integral oil tube Coil and introduced to the market in two different models: horizontal and Vertical. In addition, the capacity is between 100,000 kcal/hr and 6,300,000 kcal/hr. All of the Construction levels are under direct Supervision of Quality Control inspections.


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