Gasoline Burner

The individual properties of Thisgrouf burners are as the following:

•Uniform fan’s chamber – and air canal designing with low heat transfer coefficient.
•Complete removing of leakage by integral shell design by using steel joints and tubes and high- pressure hoses with spring loaded couplings.
•In order to easy service and installation gas line, the shell is connected to the head of the burner by 2 joints, and can returns to both right and left side.
•Capability of final adjustment of burner flame direction by 3 bolts without need of opening the burner.
•Using Spark trances with capability of stable establishment in the continues cycles.
•Complete air balance to decrease probable vibrations and its consequential sound.
•Selection of stainless ,thermo resistant steel for components that are in contact with flame, in order to transformation and corrosion decreasing.
•Using costal pump with positive displacement in order to combustion stability in different temperatures.
Burners equipments of this group was totally are made in Europe and are from reliable factories, and never use similar Chinese or other countries items.





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