Firebox Water Boiler

Firebox boilers are Similar to fire tube boilers in terms of installation techniques but their Shell and Combustion Chamber are not Circular Like fire Cylindrical furnace. These Kinds of boilers are usually used when hot Water at low Pressure and low Capacity is needed. Firebox boiler is compact and economical so it is best choice for central Powerhouse
Advantages and thecnical Features :
• Good price according to its Satisfying efficiency compared to the boilers With Similar designs.
• Capability to work with any type of burners that have standard fan
• Special design for Simplicity in installation, inspections and service at short time
• Easy access to heat transfer Surfaces for inspectio n and service Purposes
• Capability to design at the operation Pressure of 12 bar based on ASME standard.



Firebox Water Boiler


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